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Stall Board 

  • All boarders enjoy the benefits of 12x12 matted stalls.  Our newest barn addition also has extra cushion with m10 between the concrete slab and rubber mats. 

  • All weather barn safe wall mounted fans in every stall

  • Fly Spray System 

  • Tie rings

  • 60' Round Pen m10 footing and LED solar panel light

  • 135x235 sand arena with french drains, sprinklers, and lights. 

  • Dressage letters/arena set up

  • on site trails

  • Owner on site

  • 12 hour small herd turn out

  • Free catching/holding for our barn preferred vets/farriers/chiro/dentist

With Lessons

Includes one weekly group and the choice between a second group or a training ride! Discounts on additional lessons, training rides, show fees offered to these clients.

Without Lessons 

Same benefits except without the lessons/training

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